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About us

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Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) is an affiliate of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) dedicated to Vietnam’s sustainable division and prosperity through expert analysis and policy recommendations.

Founded in 1983, IWEP has been well-known as one of the oldest high-ranking think-tank in Vietnam devoted to the study of international economic and political issues such as trade and investment, finance and banking, world’s economies, international peace and security, international relations, governance and non-traditional security.

We are proud to be ranked 18th in the Top 100 Think Tanks in South and Southeast Asia and the Pacific, and 23rd among 2019 Best Government-Affiliated Think Tanks based on Global Go To Think Tank Index 2019.

Our values 

IWEP is formed on the basis of four core values:

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Our mission 

Our mission is to provide independent, high-quality research, capacity building and policy advisory through evidence-based and objective studies together with global lessons of experience.


1. Research economic and political theories.

2. Research on basic issues, trends of world economy and politics and influence on Vietnam.

3. Provide evidence-based scientific arguments in professional fields, serving Party and State leaders in policy making.

4. Consulting and providing consulting services on socio-economic, political and research issues in accordance with the functions and tasks of the Institute of World Economy and Politics.

5. Provide human resources to participate in postgraduate teaching and training in the economic and political fields at the request of the Academy, other domestic and foreign organizations and agencies.

6. Link and cooperate in research, scientific application, publication and training of highly qualified human resources with organizations, scientific research agencies, domestic and foreign scientists in the field of business economic and political.

Duties and powers

1. Submitting to the President of the Academy the 5-year and annual development strategies, master plans and plans on the development of the Institute of World Economy and Politics and organize the implementation after it is approved.

2. Research organization on world economic and political theoretical issues.

3. Research and cooperate in researching theoretical and practical issues of world economy and politics, including Vietnam.

4. Combine research with training of experts in the fields of economics and politics; participate in postgraduate training in developing highly qualified human resources at the request of the Academy and domestic and foreign organizations.

5. To participate in giving comments and scientific criticisms on socio-economic development programs, plans and projects at the request of ministries, branches, localities and as assigned by the Academy.

6. Provide scientific advice and provide services on economic, political, cultural and social issues in accordance with the functions and tasks of the Institute of World Economy and Politics.

7. International cooperation in research, training, exchange of scientific information with organizations, scientific research agencies and scientists; publish scientific publications, publish scientific research works and scientific knowledge on world and domestic political economy.

8. Management of organizational structure, job positions, structure of public employees by professional title and number of people working; finance and assets of the Institute of World Economics and Politics in accordance with the State’s regulations and the management decentralization of the Academy.

9. Perform other tasks assigned by the VASS President.